Cordon, Isabela – Fisheries Inspection Officers of the DA-BFAR 2 recently conducted an on-site inspection of export holding facility for live aquatic species as part of the regular activities of the Regional Fisheries Inspection and Quarantine Unit headed by Dr. Emma L. Ballad.

This came following the request of Rina De Leon, representative of Lon-Yi Aquamarine Trading Co. LTD for the renewal of the holding facility’s registration as exporter of Rice Eel (Monapterus albus) or “kiwet”.

Facilities such as, but not limited to, unloading, receiving/screening, sizing, holding, weighing, washing, and packing areas including its pertinent documents were thoroughly examined and used as a crucial basis to verify compliance with the given set of guidelines.

Said activities were conducted to assess if the facility adheres to the laws and provisions provided in the RA 10654 (An Act to Prevent, Deter, and Eliminate IUU Fishing), RA 10611 (Food Safety Act of 2013) and other relevant Fisheries Administrative Orders on the exportation of live aquatic species.

Lon-Yi Aquamarine Trading Co. LTD is one of the two registered exporters in the region. (N.Cansejo/RFIQU)