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Agricultural Pilot Center Fish Farm (APCFF)

Address: Barangay Minanga Norte, Iguig, Cagayan


One of the fish farms of BFAR RO2 which respond to the needs of the fisherfolk is the Agricultural Pilot Center Fishfarm located within the Cagayan Valley Lowland Marine Research Station (CVLMROS) in Minanga Norte, Iguig, Cagayan.

The station trace back its history in July 1975 when then President Ferdinand Marcos  approved its creation   and was named Cagayan Integrated Agricultural Development  Project – Agricultural Pilot Center (CIADP-APC). In November 1977, CIADP was turned-over to Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile as Cabinet Coordinator. In March 1984, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) terminated its assistance and technical cooperation to the center and on January 1987, it was turned-over to the Department of Agriculture Region 02.

In year 2000, the fisheries sector of the DA-CVLMROS-APC, as per order of Undersecretary Cesar M. Drilon, Jr., was transferred to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region 02.

The fish farm covers one hectare hatchery complex and 0.2 hectare building and outdoor tanks. The station spearheads the production of tilapia, carp and aquarium fish fingerlings. Rehabilitation and development activities have been made to improve water system and boost fingerling production


  1. Fingerling Production and Dispersal

The station undertakes production of GET EXCEL Tilapia and common carp for dispersal purposes. Tilapia and carp fingerlings produced are for distribution to grow-out operators, government projects and dispersal to communal bodies of water. One thousand pieces fingerlings are given for free to backyard fishpond operators who have a maximum pond area of 500 square meters.

  1. Duckweeds production and distribution

Apart from fingerling production, another major concern of the station is the production of duckweeds. These are tiny plants that often form dense mats on the surface of still or slow moving water. The plant is being promoted by the bureau as supplemental feed for tilapia due to its high protein content.

  1. Aquaculture Advisory and Technical Assistance

The station also renders advisory services and technical assistance regarding Tilapia Hatchery Management, Tilapia fishpond and Cages Grow-out Management, Rice Fish Culture, Water Quality Management, Fishpond Construction, Water Supply and Drainage Canal Construction, Fish Nets and Fish Cages Construction, Tilapia Sex Reversal Technology, Ornamental/aquarium Fish Production, Larval Production. The Station also assists in the establishment of demonstration projects.

  1. Technical Assistance (walk-in clients)

  1. Conduct Production Related Researches

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