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Year 2011

  1. Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) Award - Dr. Angel B. Encarncion
  2. Fisheries Licensure Examination Passers
    Arsenio S. Bañares (Top 8)
    Clifford Paraggua
    Dr. Angel B. Encarncion(Top 3)
    Nathaly Piñera
    Rhoda Soriano(Top 5)

Year 2009

  1. CSC PAG-ASA Award - Jovita P. Ayson, DrFT, CESO II
  2. Fisheries Licensure Examination Passers
    Jyecebel Domingo
    Aileen Pelovello
    R-Jay Torres
    Jay Arre Usquisa

Year 2008

  1. Seal of Frontline Excellence inder the Public Service Delivery Audit(PASADA) Program of the Civil Service Commission- BFAR RO2
  2. 1st Gawad CES - Jovita P. Ayson, DrFT, CESO II
  3. Commendation for Police Regional Office 02 for Active Participation to the RLECC - BFAR RO2
  4. Technology Verification Trial on Pangasius Culture, 3rd Best Paper, 13th Annual workshop for Fisheries cum Techno-Road Show, November 12-14, 2008
  5. Fisheries Licensure Examination Passers
    Roderick N. Revilloza
    Aeron D. Mayor

Gawad Saka Awardees

Ricardo R. Umoso 1999-2000 (Fish Capture)
David C. Domoitas 2000 (Fish Culture)
Nemesio Garibay 2000 (Fish Capture)
Victor E. Hortiz 2000-2001 (Fish Capture)
Antonio R. Dela Cruz 2001 (Fish Capture)
Esteban R. Flores 2003 (Fish Capture)
Ms. Czarah Jane S. Dy 2003 (Fish Culture)
Edmundo A. Malab Sr. 2004 (Aquaculture Category)
Lupo Beting Alava 2005 (Fish Culture)
Floresma A. Dacuycuy 2005 (Fishies Industry Category)
2006 (Fish Culture)
Arsenio L. Dela Peña 2006-2007 (Fish Capture)
2007-2008 (Fish Culture)
Nelia G. Villasana 2006-2007 (Fish Capture)
2007-2008 (Fish Culture)
Benito C. Liquigan 2006-2007 (Fish Culture)
2007-2008 (Fish Culture)
Renato C. Alfaro 2007-2008 (Fish Culture)
Jose Ildefonso B. Costales 2007-2008 (Fish Culture)
Vivian N. Taniza 2008-2009 (Fish Culture)
Julcardo G. Bangalisan 2008-2009 (Fish Capture)
Roberto C. Gabas (Fish Culture)
Tessie C. Bisqueran (Fish Culture)
Elpidio Palattao
Jesus T. Manuel (Fish Capture)

Annual Report

Oplan SagipLudong