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Address: Barangay Minanga Weste, Buguey, Cagayan


Established in 1958, the 2.8-hectare Buguey Shellfish Farm serves as production area and pilot demonstration area for oyster culture in Region 02. It is formerly called the Buguey Demonstration Farm under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources – Bureau of Fisheries (DANR – BF), Manila.

The station's present name was coined when mussel culture was introduced in the area in 1975 in addition to the naturally abundant species of oysters in the adjacent Buguey Lagoon. Mussel (tahong) however is no longer cultured or produced to date due to unfavorable water parameters.

Located in Barangay Minanga Weste, the station can be reached by land 8.3 kilometers away from the town proper of Buguey, Cagayan.

To cater the growing needs of fish farmers in Buguey and nearby municipalities and to provide improved quality of oyster, the farm maintains a 2.7-hectare broadcast bed type production area for oyster spats (oyster seed stocks) along the Buguey Lagoon where the species naturally thrives. A 1,000 sq. m. plot method and 50 sq.m. raft method were also added to the production area.


  1. Produce and distribute oyster spats (seed stocks) using the following methods:
      • Raft Method
      • Plot Method
      • Broadcast Method
  1. Provide technical assistance on the culture of the following species of oyster:
    • Saccostrea iredalei
    • Saccostrea malabonensis
    • Saccostrea cuculata
  1. Conduct of production related research on oyster


Also located within the station is the Village-Level Seaweed Processing Plant intended as facility to pre-process the naturally abundant Gracilaria seaweed present in the municipality.

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