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Cagayan Valley Research and Outreach Station for Freshwater Resources                                              (CVROSFR)

Address: Salinungan West, San Mateo, Isabela


The station was formerly called San Mateo Freshwater Fish Farm.  In 1993, during the term of then Department of Agriculture Secretary Roberto Sebastian, it was renamed Cagayan Valley Research and Outreach Station for Freshwater Resources (CVROSFR).  Its name was retained during the reconstitution of BFAR as a line bureau in 1998.

Located at Salinungan West, San Mateo, Isabela, CVROSFR is one of the biggest research and production stations of BFAR RO2 that aims to ensure and sustain production of high quality tilapia fingerlings and breeders in the Region. It also aims to improve production and farm practices of fish farmers/fisherfolks and promote production of freshwater species with high commercial value.

At least three kilometers away from the provincial road and from the town proper of San Mateo, the station is sprawled in a 2.7 hectares lot area with different facilities such as the administration building, fish health laboratory, guest house and trainees dormitory, manager and staff house, indoor hatchery tanks, outdoor holding tanks, water pump supply system and communication facilities.

CVROSFR as a research station of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region 02 in its long years of existence served with utmost dedication, firm vision and supreme goals in order to meet the challenges of our times particularly in uplifting the lives of the marginal fisherfolk from the quagmire of poverty.

With the station’s goal towards an empowered fisherfolk, it provides Fisheries Extension & Training and render technical assistance, advisory services and trainings for fishpond and fish cage operators on aspects of fingerling production, grow-out management, cage culture techniques, pond construction and fish health management.


1. Fingerling Production & Dispersal

Its fingerling production and dispersal program undertakes mass production of different species such as GET Excel Tilapia, Carp, Native Hito and Aquarium Fishes for broodstock purposes and for dispersal to communal bodies of water, backyard fishponds and techno-demo projects in the five provinces of Region 02. The station now intensifies the culture of GET Excel Tilapia, BFAR 2000 Tilapia, Common Carp, Native Catfish and aquarium fishes such as koi, molly and swordtail.

2. Fish Health Management

Located within the station is the Regional Fish Health Laboratory. This facility renders services on:

  1. Water quality analysis (determination of dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, ammonia, temperature, and turbidity level) for fishpond, fish cage operators and at communal bodies of water (CBWs).
  2. Parasitological and bacteriological examination
  3. Residue monitoring

3. Conduct of Production Related Researches

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