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Located at Punta, Aparri, Cagayan, the Ludong and Mullet Research Development and Extension facility in RFTC Compound started its operation in year 2009 with the objective of developing a technology for rearing Ludong and associated species under captive conditions. The completion of the ludong laboratory and experimental station is anchored under the Oplan Sagip Ludong Project pursuant to the directive of DA Secretary Proseso Alcala to implement measures for the conservation of ludong, a rare and endangered species present within the Cagayan River Basin and its tributaries.


The laboratory facilities for ludong will be used for the conduct of researches and experiments to be able to derive benchmark information on the biology, culture and sexual maturity information such as estimates of fecundity and gonadosomatic index which are vital in the formulation of management and conservation measures for this threatened species. Trials on spawning in captivity shall likewise be done in the facility.


  1. Ludong Holding Tank (6m x 9m x 1m)- Covered with black sacoline was constructed for the culture of ludong samples caught from the wild. Since newly caught ludong exhibit circular motion when placed in tanks, a synthetic circular cage made of net framed with PVC pipes was installed inside the rectangular tank. The cage was designed to prevent bumping of the fish snout on the walls of the tank causing injuries then death. The blacksacoline surrounding the tank mimics the natural habitat of ludong and prevent disturbances from the surrounding environment.
  2. Aeration Line – This is very vital to provide the stocks with enough oxygen when cultured in captivity. The aeration line supplies dissolve oxygen needed in holding tanks and artificial incubators. The aeration system was operated with submersible water pumps that aids in re-circulating water through the tanks.
  3. Larval Tanks – Four compartments were constructed with a dimension of 1m x 3m x 1m. Newly hatched ludong larvae will be cultured in these tanks. The tanks were also used to rear mullet stocks caught in the wild while they are on its post larval stage.
  4. Fish Ponds - Pond compartments were also maintained and used for rearing of other associated species like purong (mullet), ipon (goby fries) and tagattam (mullet fingerlings). Said species were subjected to research developments as to identify their association with the ludong species.

  5. Ludong Holding Tank Aeration Line
    Larval Tanks Fish Ponds

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