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NORTHERN LUZON FISHERIES RESEARCH OUTREACH STATION                                            (NLFROS)

Address: Barangay Simpatuyo, Sta. Teresita, Cagayan


Located in Barangay Simpatuyo, Sta. Teresita, Cagayan, the Northern Luzon Fisheries Research Outreach Station (NLFROS) serves primarily as research area for various brackishwater aquaculture species and technologies. It also serves as  demonstration site for pond and cage culture of milkfish, saline tilapia, siganids, mudcrab culture in aquasilvi pond and nursery of seaweeds (Gracilaria).

Established in 1996, the farm is formerly called Buguey Research Outreach Station. It was established primarily to render technical assistance and to demonstrate relevant fishery technologies for the adjacent municipalities.

The farm is located in a 3.09 hectares piece of island between the Babuyan Channel and the scenic Buguey Lagoon, where an area of 272 sq.m. is devoted for a research area while 4,929 sq.m. is allotted for production site.

The farm is about 123 km. away from the city of Tuguegarao. It can be reached via boat-ride from the adjacent Buguey Shell Fish Station.


  1. Provide technical assistance on:
    • Pond and Cage Culture of Milkfish, Saline Tilapia and Siganids
    • Mudcrab Culture in Mangrove Aquaculture
    • Gracilaria Production
  2. Technology demonstration site on Milkfish Cage Culture, Saline Tolerant Tilapia, Cage Culture, Mudcrab Culture in Aqusilvi Pond and Gracilaria Production
  3. Conduct of production related researches on:
    • Milkfish
    • Saline Tolerant Tilapia
    • Siganids
    • Mudcrab
    • Red Tilapia

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