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Fisheries Administrative Order No. 192, series of 1997 strengthened the Fisheries Quarantine Service (FQS) in the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. Section 67 of Republic Act 8550 mandates the creation of Fisheries Inspection and Quarantine Service for the purpose of monitoring and regulating the importation and exportation of fish and fishery/aquatic resources. Likewise, monitor the movement of fish and fishery products at seaports and airports. BFAR RO2 also established and deployed Fishery Quarantine Officers and Inspectors for the three (3) stations of Fisheries Inspection and Quarantine Checkpoints Services which are located in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya, Sta. Praxedes, Cagayan and Tuguegarao Airport, Tuguegarao City.


  1. Conduct fisheries quarantine and quality inspection of all fish and fishery/aquatic products coming into and going out of the country by air or water transport, to detect the presence of fish pest and diseases and if found to harbor fish pests or disease shall be confiscated and disposed of in accordance with environmental standards and practices;
  2. Implement international agreements/commitments on bio-safety and bio-diversity as well as prevent the movement or trade of endemic fishery and aquatic resources to ensure that the same are not taken out of the country;
  3. Quarantine such aquatic animals and other fishery products determined or suspected to be with pests and diseases and prevent the movement or trade from and/or into the country of these products so prohibited or regulated under existing laws, rules and regulations as well as international agreements of which the Philippines is a State Party;
  4. Examine all fish and fishery products coming into or going out of the country which may be a source or medium of fish pests or diseases and/or regulated by existing fishery regulations and ensure that the quality of fish import and export meet international standards; and
  5. Document and authorize the movement or trade of fish and fishery products when found free of fish pests or diseases and collect necessary fees prescribed by law and regulations.

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